How to Find Your Diablo 3 Ancient Items

Blizzard’s patch 2.5.0 on Diablo 3 introduced a couple of interesting features. Even though the patch notes are a testimony to the many changes made in the game, the most notable change was the introduction of the Primal Ancient Legendary weapons.

Ancient is a modifier that you can add on any enhanced version of legendary or set items. You can find or discover items in the game and they will always be a great improvement over their non ancient items.

Dropping the ancient modifier on legendary items, a set of weapons or armor increases stats like strength, intelligence, vitality and Resist All.

How to Find Ancient Items in Diablo 3

diablo 3 kanai cubeNormally, Ancient will occur on level 70 items. This is still fair since you can use level 70 items before leveling up especially if they have the -clvl req modifier in place. You can also use ancient items right from that start as long as you use the Gem of Ease or the Work of Cathan cube recipe to create them.

Finding ancient items in the game is really hard especially that they don’t look any different when on the ground. You can only tell that you have collected an ancient item once it has been profiled and identified. The game inventory gives ancient items an orange border and a green border for set items. The game tooltip will also indicate ‘Ancient’ on the item’s name.

How to Get Ancient Items

Ideally, ancients can come from all sources that will give you items in the game. These include:

  • Monster and chest drops
  • Gambling
  • Horadric Caches
  • Kanai’s cube
  • Blacksmith crafting (forging)
  • Farming primal ancient upgrades

The odds of finding ancient with the above approaches vary depending on the ancient drop rate.

Only 10 percent of legendary items gained from gambling, forging or the Kanai’s Cube recipe with no increase on difficulty level will turn out Ancient. The chances of getting your Ancient items from all chest, object, monster and other types of drops stand at 1 percent on Torment 1. They will increase steadily as the Torment levels go up. T6 has the odds at 10% and the increase rate is higher between Torment level 7 and T10.

Any items you craft using the cube or by gambling have a 10 percent chance of coming out as ancient. This includes the Hellfire Amulet and the Hellfire Ring that will come out as an Ancient 10 percent of the times you craft it.

Primal Ancient Requirements

The basic Primal Ancient Requirement demands that you earn a 70 plus GR to start getting the Ancients. You can however still unlock primal ancients if you use your Gem of Ease or Cathan Cube.

Why Bother With Diablo 3 Ancient Items

If you are still wondering what are ancient items and why you should spend time trying to farm them or hit the minimum requirements and then try to unlock primal ancients, you’ll be excited to learn that Primal Ancients will make your weapons more efficient and make your armor better.

For instant, an ancient on your armor will roll up the mainstat, vitality and resistance up by an impressive 30 percent.

Here is a quick break down on the effect of the Ancient modifier on different items in Diablo 3

  • Ancient legendary gloves Mainstat or Vitality goes up to 751 – 1000 from 500 – 700 on normal legendary gloves
  • Ancient Legendary Rings get 501 -600 Mainstat or vitality from 416 – 500 on regular legendary rings
  • Ancient armor and rings get ResAll at 110 – 130 as opposed to 80 – 100 rolls on regular

It seems like a Diablo 3 augment ancient items campaign will do you good service especially if you are planning to play a more offensive game. Remember that you have no control over how you get these ancients and you just can’t set items to ancient as you please.

How Valuable is an Ancient Upgrade

Ancient upgrades are useful if you apply them on the right sets. Ancient weapons are by far the most useful as you will get higher damage from the weapon as opposed to using a non ancient weapon. The benefits trickle down to Ancient armor. An ancient upgrade on your armor will give you way better Mainstat, Vitality and Resistance.

diablo 3 ancient items benefits

Ancient upgrades on Jewelry are the most undesirable since the upgrade won’t have an impact on important readings like elemental damage, attack speed, critical hit, critical chance and socket. Ancient will only upgrade Mainstat and other affixes.


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