Cheat Engine: What is it, How to Install it & How to Use it

If you are an ardent PC game cheater, you should’ve by now realized that Cheat Engine is synonymous with over 90 percent of all offline game cheats. But do you know what it really is? Do you know how to install Cheat Engine? Do you know how to use Cheat Engine?

Here is a quick guide to answer all your questions once and for all.

What is it?

Cheat Engine is a free open source tool dedicated to modifying single player games running on the Windows or the Mac platform. The modifications can either make the game easier by giving you added equipment, perks, money, and skill or make it harder by lowering your skill or simply raising game expectations.

The Cheat Engine does this by inspecting memory location modifications done by the game during operation. These changes are then matched to in-game values, for instance, your health bar, your ammo or skill rating. Once you have a successful match, you will know which variables to change in order to affect these readings.

Apart from this, Cheat Engine also packs:

  • A game debugger
  • A disassembler and assembler
  • A speedhack tool
  • A trainer maker
  • Direct 3D manipulation tools

How to Get Started 

Head over to the official downloads page and grab the latest copy of the Windows or the Mac installer. Install the given file and launch your Cheat Engine. You will get a popup prompt requesting you to go through the Cheat Engine tutorial. It is wise to go through this tutorial if you don’t want any frustrations in future.

cheat engine tutorial getting started

The tutorial teaches you how to mine for actual value changes. Even though this is the engine’s real power, most gamers like you and I just download ready-made Cheat Engine files (.ct) and load them into the cheating engine.

If this isn’t your intent, go through the entire tutorial and learn how to find your own way around different games. Don’t forget to compile your found cheats into a cheat table and share them with the community.

How to Load a Cheat Table

Opening a cheat table is easy.

  1. First, you’ll have to download the game specific cheat table and save it somewhere on your PC.
  2. Open Cheat Engine and click on the Open Folder icon. This will open a file browser
  3. Navigate to where you stored your cheat table (.ct) Select the file you want and click open
  4. Alternatively, you can just double-click the .ct files to open them automatically in the app. If your file associations are right, this should work.
  5. If they are not, right-click the cheat table and select open with> cheat engine and remember to tick the always button

Using Cheat Engine When Playing a Game

  • Start the game you want to play
  • Press ALT+TAB to activate windows switch and choose the Cheat Engine window
  • Click the First Icon and then ‘select a process to open.’ Look for gamename.exe (e.g witcher3.exe for Witcher 3 Cheats), select it and click open
  • Click on the next icon to activate the cheat table explorer or press CTRL+O
  • Load the cheat table you downloaded and head back to The game to implement the cheats you just activated
  • Each cheat table has its own hotkeys. Remember to go through the description so that you know what to press or what to do to evoke a change.

These are the basics you need to get started with your cheats. Remember that the engine was designed for use on offline games where cheating isn’t illegal. Using Cheat Engine to modify online games or games with an online alternative might result in a terminated account. Ensure that you use the engine responsibly.


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